Tribunal Representation
Benefit  Appeals

  •  First-tier Tribunal representation

  •  Benefit Appeal Services

  •  Special Educational Needs & Disability First-tier tribunals (SEND)

  •  Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal   Independence Payment (PIP) Claim forms Filling Service

  •  Personal Independence Payment (PIP) face-to-face consultation   support 

Professional Services & Support

We offer 5 services.

Our Services

1) Tribunal Representation

We will come with you to your tribunal and represent you. We offer a NO WIN NO FEE service, with a very high success rate. We will come to your home for a FREE initial assessment of your case, and look at your evidence and then help you to get the best possible evidence for your tribunal. We understand that tribunals and court appearances can be very upsetting, especially with a chronic health condition, so we support you all the way. 
We operate a no win no fee service, and we charge 33% of your backdated award when we win. Our fair price guarantee means that if our appeal is unsuccessful you will not be charged any fees for our tribunal representation.

2) Benefit Appeal Services for ESA, PIP and UC (Universal Credit) 

We charge an initial fixed fee of £245 for our mandatory reconsideration appeal services. This includes an initial consultation, drafting your appeal letter to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and reviewing your assessment. If your first stage appeal is unsuccessful we will also draft your HM Courts and Tribunals Service appeal for you and register it with the court. To do this we will need your ‘mandatory reconsideration’ letter (if you are not sure what this is we can get it for you). 

3) Appeal services for Special Educational Needs and Disability First-tier
    tribunals (SEND)

We charge a fixed fee of £975. We have a high success rate and will do our best to get your child the help and support they deserve

4) Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and  Personal
    Independence Payment (PIP) Claim Forms Filling Service

If you need us to fill in your claim form (28 days is not long!) we offer a form filling service for a fixed fee of £125. We will come to your home and fill the form in with you to give you the best opportunity to win your case.

5) Personal Independence Payment face-to-face consultation support

We will attend your PIP face-to-face consultation with you in your home, and we will provide support and help with your assessment. We will also offer our advice on the best way of providing evidence to allow the health professional to make their judgment, as well as checking that you have sent in all the required medical evidence. Remember the health professional only has 45 minutes so it is vital that we ensure that they see all the evidence of how your condition affects you in order to provide them with all the evidence they require to make the correct professional judgment of your condition.  We charge a call-out fee of £95 to book this service, and 33% of your backdated award when you are awarded your claim.